fill in the blank friday

(thanks tara!)

1. if i could get away somewhere for the weekend i would go to MARFA! i have never been and i mean my fam owns land there and it’s just rad looking from all the pictures.  and i would bring lots of snacks bc i heard the restaurants and lack of grocery shopping can be tricky.

2. something i often rant about is gosh, i don’t know? maybe you should ask my hubs this question. he’s pretty cool.

3. one item i need to have in my fridge at all time is–i don’t know if these are “NEEDS”, but i always have kale, cream cheese, and milk. always. #random

4. my “life-saving” product is olive oil. i use it for everything. cooking, my nails, hair conditioner…

5. a friend is someone whose wounds you can trust. an enemy will only multiply kisses.

6.  if i could write my own blank it would be, “if i had a million dollars the first thing i’d do is ____” ha! i just want to see what everyone would put.

7. my favorite kind of art is kid art, hands down! my fridge is full of things my little buddies have colored and drawn for me. it’s so expressive and wonderfully outside the lines.

2 thoughts on “fill in the blank friday

  1. plastic cupcake says:

    that is very responsible! i love it. when i sold my car i paid off debt with the cash-ola. then i bought tickets for myself and 3 friends to the colbie calliat concert. howie day opened for her, and we will henceforth refer to it as the howie day concert. he was AWESOME. she…was good live, but too many weird dance moves, awkward banter with her band…and then there was this weird instrumental. and she didn’t even play bubbly! ahh. :)

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