house update #1

so dan and i busted out the tape, brushes and paint cans this weekend and got after it! we got our bedroom completely painted, the kitchen, and part of the living room. my man is awesome…he had never painted before and just jumped right in there. he was really good at the details, so i was very thankful for that!

i wish i would have taken pictures, boo! i was so tired by the end of it, that i just forgot. but i do have one to share! i picked out a really pretty turquoise blue, called ‘lagoon’ that i wanted to do a few accent walls and the backsplash with, in the kitchen. here is my inspiration picture:

i am thinking about painting our laminate counter-tops a flat silver (or grey, whatever you want to call it, ha!), because thanks to dan’s parents having this recently done, i found out this was actually possible to do! but we have also talked about replacing the counter tops soon too, so i might wait, but i love how it looks in the picture. anywahooo…this is a picture of the beginnings of my attempt to mimic this awesome design.

i gotta say, in person…that blue really helps the cabinets stand out! they look much more rich with a little color.

that’s all i have for now. i will post more pics as i remember to take them!

3 thoughts on “house update #1

  1. plastic cupcake says:

    thanks!! hahaha…right before we started he was like, “so how many rooms have you actually painted?” and i was like, “oh snap. too many. i mean rooms, outside of buildings, i’ve even done stucco…i painted a steeple once…” HA! he has no idea what he’s in for. :D

  2. Melissa Summers says:

    Do you have pics or instructions of what Dan’s parents did to their counters? If we get one of the houses in RM. I am totally going to have to paint the cabinet’s, pain in between the cabinets and counter, and maybe even paint the counter.

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