i was presented with the task recently, of helping with games at a wedding shower for my fabulous friends, camila and steven. i am not a game person, so this was a total challenge for me. ha! i tend to be cynical, especially, when it comes to wedding or baby shower games, because they are usually just a big bunch of cheese. CHEESE!

i wanted to do something special and unique…and something guys and girls could both participate in and have fun with. after much research on the interwebs, i decided to make up my own game. i remembered playing this type of ‘human bingo’ game before, where we were given a list of qualities or traits, like, ‘blue eyes’ or, ‘born oustide of Texas.’ we had to find people within the room who matched these descriptions, and have them sign our bingo card.

this was so easy to make, in photoshop and it only took me about an hour. i had a lot of fun thinking up the clues, and although i was unable to make the shower, i heard it was a great hit! and the couple got to keep some of the bingo cards for a keepsake. i should mention, that they are having a destination wedding in florida, this july.

here is the card, ta da!

(photo compliments of jana gross)

thanks for reading!

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