this countdown IS real.

one of my most popular status updates lately:

“I mean, a lot of my friends are posting travel plans and gorgeous pictures of beautiful and exotic beach locations. And I’m all over here like, “OMG! Only 193 days until we go to Disney World!” No, we don’t have kids. No, we aren’t taking our nieces. It’s just the two of us. This countdown is real.”

i won’t lie to you. i love disney world. a lot. and i’m okay with that. at first, i was embarrassed to admit this. i’d complain about family vacations, all the while, secretly working on a themepark plan to hit the most attractions in the best order. but last fall, we went on a disney cruise, and it just pushed me right over the edge into ‘crazy disney lady’ status. i’m one of those people who puts crazy mickey magnets on her stateroom door. i own a fish extender. i have a disney themed special edition dooney and bourke (i know. i am a MADWOMAN! pray for my future children. they will have to wear matching t-shirts someday.).

we are now counting down to our next adventure. we loved our last cruise so much (especially disney’s island in the bahamas, castaway cay!), we decided to go again this year, on a shorter run—and throw some themepark days on both ends for good measure.

in honor of this adventure that awaits, here are my top 10 things i’m most looking forward to. in no particular order.

1. experiencing epcot’s food and wine festival for the first time.

2. the anticipation of pulling up to the resort on the first day.

3. the bon voyage party on-board the ship where we get cool streamers, and ridiculously overpriced fruity cocktails in souvenir glasses.

4. really really good food.

5. floating in the still, quiet, ever so effortlessly wavy ocean, and pondering the universe, with my best friend.

6. relaxing on our balcony with a good book, while breathing in the wonderful, salty, allergy-free air.

7. the ‘all hands on deck platter.’ (amen.)

8. dinner at the japan pavilion in epcot.

9. lots of fireworks. and holding hands while watching said fireworks. (does that count as 2? sorrynotsorry.)

10. taking a lot of amazing pictures.

i have a mad spreadsheet going right now. i don’t know if i will survive the 193-day countdown, but i guess i’ve survived longer. the decision over what color magic bands is just–i. can’t. even. i’ve changed my choice 27 times and every time i log into my ‘disney experience account’ (OH yes), it reminds me that i have until early september to finalize my choices. sigh.

until next time, please enjoy this rad picture of the disney wonder, docked at the ever-so-fabulous, castaway cay.

cruise boat

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