top five things i’m loving at noonday right now.

i love noonday. they make gorgeous products that benefit women all over the world. check out their story here. one of the things i love most about this company, is their willingness to support people who are adopting or have a special circumstance. i have a couple of friends right now who are in just such a place and their amazing noonday ambassador and co, have set up a party online, where your purchases will benefit this wonderful family. check it out! shop here and enter ‘hudson’ as the host at checkout!

what should you buy, you ask??

here are five things i am loving right now from noonday.


1. the kismet day bag Imageisn’t she beautiful!!? i own this bag and take it everywhere. it’s very well made. this might be the most impressive thing i’ve purchased from noonday—the details are amazing.


2. the woven wonders cuff Imagei will probably end up purchasing this at some point. i think cuff bracelets are the coolest, but they look weird on me. but i wear them anyway. ha!


3. annie’s feathered earrings


these are some of my go-to earrings. the color combination is even better in person!

4. the rewind clutch


i just purchased this today, and i can’t wait to get it! it’s made out of CASSETTE TAPES!!! this is like the spirit of mixed tapes in purse form. and it’s ON SALE!


5. nahaula rectangle trays (set of three!) Imagei use one on my nightstand to hold jewelry and chap stick and have the other two in my kitchen. they are so versatile and well made.


great org, great products. i know you will love what you buy!

3 thoughts on “top five things i’m loving at noonday right now.

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