friday five

1. what was the first Internet site you remember joining?

i’m sure there were more before this, but i remember all the search engines. yahoo, alta vista, magellan, excite…omg do you remember ask jeeves? i remember the day he was gone…sigh. then there was icq and xanga…


2. what was the last Internet site you joined?

i tried to join lumosity but the i found out you had to pay. it’s this cool site that helps you exercise your brain!


3. are you mac,window or something else?

i feel like i’m probably more of a google. i’m so pro at google docs—i use lots of the apps. i also have a google tablet and big fans of chromecast.


4. what is the one thing you wish you could easily do with your computer?

well, i can’t talk to it. but the idea of that kind of creeps me out, so that’s not really an answer…


5. are you happier with the all the advances that have been made in the last ten years or do you wish for an earlier, less technology-based time?

we actually talk about this a lot in our household. sometimes it’s SO hard to tear yourself away from being connected, but sometimes it’s incredibly easy. i think i land on the side of happier with the advancements, though. it makes the world smaller, but i don’t think that’s always a bad thing. we must to practice responsibility with information.

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