pregnancy through the eyes of a 4 year old

(one of) my sister(s) is pregnant, and my niece has the most hilarious things to say about this. and it needs to be documented. you’re welcome, world.

there has been a lot of talk about the baby getting bigger each week. and of course with the baby growing, consequently ‘mommy’ is growing too. she explained, “it’s kind of like santa.” i almost spewed my water all over the table, but i held it together because i wanted to find out more. i asked her if she thought mommy might be eating a lot of cookies, like santa, but she found this to be a ridiculous and absurd suggestion.

“salads,” she said. still offended at my comments. she then proceeded to tell me about all the types of salads she has been making.


i assumed at this point, that they were pretend salads. but further confirmation from my weirdo sibling later on, lead me to conclude that some of these are actually REAL. but whatevs. we bryant’s have always been fans of crazy food combinations. queso and oreos…ranch with, well, everything. vodka and pickles. the list goes on…


so the salads in question were things like grapes and carrots. cheese, tomatoes and mustard. lettuce and pickles. grapes and pickles. grapes and broccoli. grapes and mustard. (i sense a grape-like pattern here.)

anyway, this will not be the last that i report on this matter. but you can bet i am not going over there for dinner anytime soon, just in case it’s salad night.

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