we’re having a BABY!

wow, it’s been forever since i have updated! it’s mostly because shortly thereafter my last post, we found out we were PREGNANT! many of the lovely symptoms you hear about had already set in, so i quickly became MIA from just about everything for the first 15 weeks. wow. pregnancy is no joke!

for fun, i have decided to compile a list of questions and thoughts i have on the subject. but first, a picture of us with our gender reveal cake! IT’S A PINK!

cake picphoto courtesy of the fabulous http://www.janagross.com!

1. as mentioned. PREGNANCY IS NO JOKE. i don’t think i’ve ever experienced anything more refining. and i don’t think most days i’m winning at this refining me for the better. others assure me the blissful mommy feelings will come, and that all the barfing shall pass, but it can wear on a girl! i mean we’ve been doing all the ‘right things.’ regular chiropractic care, solid nutrition, staying active, pregnancy massage (lurrrv), awesome awesome awesome prenatal care– but i’ve been sick a LOT and the baby hates almost every food and drink in existence. i have a deepened respect for anyone who has been with child. you are all awesome, and SOLIDARITY, ok?

2. how am i supposed to pack a snoogle, 2 king sized pillows and a body pillow in my luggage when we go on our babymoon? this struggle is for real. the pillow fort i’ve built is FOR REAL. every week it becomes a more and more necessary to my survival in this adventure of growing a tiny human. my sister just suggested that i ask for ‘a few extra pillows’ upon our arrival, so here’s hoping they will give me at least ten.

3. just don’t tell anyone your baby name ideas ever. we learned this pretty much right off the bat. if there’s a name you even remotely cherish or love–even if it’s not a sure thing, someone will inevitably have an ex-girlfriend or some other treacherous figure from their past that is just like the worst ever. and then you must endure story after story of the wrongdoings of this person you obviously want to name your child after.

4. every pregnancy is different. it’s so funny how before you have kids, you have all these preconceptions about pregnancy. ev.er.y.one. has old wives tales for you, predictions and facts opinions about what you are or are not having, and what you should or should not be doing. i think this is where the first feelings of just needing to trust your own judgement and gut come in. we’ve had some very wise and godly counsel. and we are big fans of practicing common sense. we communicate often and approach things with prayer, so that we are proactive and informed in the choices we are making. enough said.

5. it’s a GIRL. those are three words that changed my whole entire world. i am not one of those people that magically had a sense either way of the gender, but i just hadn’t thought of our baby being a girl! we had a boy name picked out. both of my sisters are having boys this year–it just made sense! when the tech told us it was a girl, it was the first time in this entire pregnancy that i’ve burst into uncontrollable tears. (baby r makes me mean, not teary.) and it wasn’t a bad cry at all—it took the whole afternoon to come to grips with, but dang i am EXCITED! something also happened in my brain upon obtaining this knowledge, where suddenly i was desperate to find pink things. pink clothes, pink blankets, pink crib sheets. i did NOT see that coming, because you know, i’m, ‘miss let’s stay gender neutral so we can use all this stuff for multiple kids.’ see? practical.

well this is all the wisdom and advice i have so far. holy moly, etsy.com–do you have some CUTE baby girl stuff. i’ll have to post about this very soon, plus some of the awesome finds i’ve made on zulily.

thanks for reading! love, daniel, emily and baby GIRL (ahhhhhhhhhh!)

2 thoughts on “we’re having a BABY!

  1. Kacey Batterton says:

    This is so incredibly exciting! Yes, go all out pink or whatever you want. Throw practicality to the wind. I’m a huge help, right? ;) Love you and miss you. Annnnnd . . . I’m goneneedtoholdthatbabymkay?

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