five names that we did not pick for our child

we decided to keep our baby’s name under wraps until she makes her debut in january. here are five names you can cross off your guessing game list. (i know you have one!!)

1. hyacinth. nope. we are not naming her hyacinth. i love the idea of flower names (we have a ‘lily’ and an ‘iris’ in the fam—so awesome). this particular flower name may have been inspired by comedic genuis of patricia routledge on one of the best old skool british comedies, keeping up appearances. i love her. i just do. alas.

2. dumbledore. as much as it would benefit our unborn child to be named after the greatest wizard of all time, i had to nix this. this is a real live suggestion made by one of my nieces—who, by the way, i’m pretty sure has not seen or read harry potter, nor has she ventured to his magical land of witchcraft and wizardry to dine on chocolate frogs and pumpkin juice while choosing a wand. (nay! the wand chooses you.) but then again, she’s five, which means she’s way more awesome-er a knowing about things than i am. (fun fact: spell check recognizes “dumbledore.”)

3.  apple. or any other inanimate-like object. nothing too crazy, but i mention apple here because green apples are one of the few things baby r actually likes. i think she may come out green. or tart. ha ha ha.

4. no names from lord of the rings/star wars/star trek/game of thrones, etc. much to my husband’s disappointment, and probably others as well, she will not be named leia, or…okay i can’t even pretend to try to know these names.  i don’t even know if that’s how you spell, ‘leia.’ laiah? leyah? liasdjq4394? ugh. i get that this works for so many people, but i am not one of them. sowwie. (not sowwie.)

5. creedence, ajax, blip, cheese, zamboni , hurricane, felony or flame these were listed as some of the worst names given to babies in 2013, so we tried to take note and avoid these names that actually belong to boys and girls around the world. really?? real talk tho—my other niece suggested ‘blip’  multiple times, along with ‘blip blop’ and some other noises that i don’t know how to phonetically communicate.


well. what do you think we will name her?

thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “five names that we did not pick for our child

  1. Laura Gatannah says:

    Did you know that “Dumbledore” is old English for “bumblebee”? So it could work for a girl; it’s pretty precious, anyway. But that’s a lot to teach a kid to write, which my sister learned with her daughter Mackenzie. I think you should just call her “Baby Girl” until she is self-aware and can choose for herself. You can actually even get passports for kids that just say “Girl” or “Boy,” so it’s totally legit.

  2. plastic cupcake says:

    That’s funny because on our Disney Cruise that we have booked next year—it’s “Baby Girl Rodriguez”. Which is hilarious because—well, we are SUPPOSED to be on a cruise next month, but we had to move it to next year. We found out we were pregnant like a week before our 120 grace-period of moving and changing your sailing date with no penalty. Not knowing 1. if this pregnancy was viable, or 2. what the gender might be—we took a risk and moved it to next year and added an infant female passenger. HA!!! I guess they’ll probably want us to change the name before we go, but it’s still so funny to log in and see it! :)

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