moms, please.

can we make a deal, friends? when i am postpartum and feeling like my body is still no longer my own, please for the love of all things right in the world, do not offer me whatever it is you are selling. i love you, but you’re so missing the point. i saw a sweet and incredibly gorgeous mama recently, post about overcoming shame and the struggles that come with the amazing ways your body changes during and after pregnancy. and i’ll be darned that the FIRST COMMENT wasn’t about plexus. this comment-er even mentioned parts of the body that this woman needed help with. WHAT???? and many others followed–peppered in the long list of encouragement to this mama. but no–there’s just no reason for this. just don’t. you’re being gross.

while we are making deals–what the heck is up with mom’s anyway? i mean, as mentioned previously–EVERYBODY has an opinion. (note – it’s most hilarious when someone without kids has given me tips, or advice or an explanation as to why i’m experiencing a particular pregnancy symptom…or OH MY WORD the reasons why we conceived a girl). you name it. breastfeeding, where and when to do it, not to mention how long. vaccines. organic food. your choice of birthing rituals. which—just what. i know i’m still on the other side—we can say what we will, but i’m pretty convinced this little girlie is going to very much decide on her own when she will make her appearance. sure, we can plan and prepare for a specific scenario, but the fact is; we just don’t know what will happen. we’ve never ever done this before, and my birthing journey will be unique to me. we are researching and taking classes wherever we can, so that we can be the most prepared to make a decision when something causes us to deviate from our, ‘plan.’

but there are some strong opinions. wowsers. and so many decisions to work through. we are over halfway done at this point, but we’ve had pediatrician meet and greets, birthing classes (and oh, so many more to come!), infant cpr, a hospital tour, day care interviews (awkward), and many other appointments. not to mention, we’ve already contracted with our blood cord bank, and i’m preregistered at the hospital for a time somewhere around my due date. and there’s just so much more to do!! like figure out where this babe will sleep! install the carseat! launder—EVERYTHING!

i applaud any mama for just making it to the end of pregnancy. this is no joke! solidarity mamas. right?? we are all in this together. we can not do this alone and we need each other to speak life and encouragement into one another in a way that only we can.

whew!! go mamas!! you’re all amazing!

One thought on “moms, please.

  1. Laura Gatannah says:

    Sooo… how ya doin’? And how do you feel about Advocare? :D I KID. I hate MLM/direct marketing and I REALLY hate people chiming in where they weren’t asked. Hope you’re getting plenty of rest and stuff! That’s all.

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