2017 Mom & Me Trip – Epcot

So this day was CRAZY. We were supposed to go to Magic Kingdom but as soon as we arrived, we saw that the lines to get in were literally INSANE. So we opened up our My Disney Experience App, made a few changes, and even scored a princess lunch to Akershus and promptly headed to Epcot…BEST DAY EVER!

We started off the day with a quick stop to Yorkshire Fish Shoppe in the UK, but before we got in line to place our order, WE SAW CINDERELLA!!! Y’all. She is NEVER out and about in Epcot! It was the most magical experience ever, and I could not believe we got to meet her here. Technically, we get to see her at Akershus or Magic Kingdom, but this was so incredibly special. Because we were last in line we got extra time with her too, and of course the girls talked to her about shoes. LOL!

We crammed a lot into this day. The crowds were low and the weather was perfect. Other than Cinderella, we met Anna, Elsa, Alice, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Joy, Sadness and Baymax and did a lot of rides! Seriously one of my favorite park days ever, hands down.


epcot 1


epcot 2

epcot 3

epcot 4

epcot 6

epcot 7

epcot 9


Thanks for reading!



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