Visit to Waco

We have been traveling a LOOOT in the past few weeks. Mostly, Daniel has had to be on the road to South Texas a considerable amount of time this year, but THIS was a  nice change in pace. I got to visit my best friend and her kiddos in Waco!! It’s a great halfway point for us, and there’s so much to do!

We met up at the Zoo, which was really really fun. The layout was a bit confusing  (or maybe it’s just me??) but overall it was an awesome experience and we will be back. Clare gets in free until she turns 4, soooo bonus!

After the zoo, we of COURSE had to check out Magnolia! I feel like I’m the last person on the planet to visit the grounds there, but it was REALLY cool! We didn’t go in the store to shop, but enjoyed the ‘backyard’, if you will, of running around, hitting up the food trucks, and relaxing. There were swings, bean bag chairs and great music playing.

Here are some highlights!

Goofballs. Clare on the left, Gabby on the right. This picture says SO MANY WORDS to me! I really hope they grow up to be best buds like me and her Mom. So much love.

waco 4

Rolling around the Zoo with Poppy and her ‘agua.’



Checking out the birds and alligators!

waco 5

And of course, the famous Magnolia!!

waco 6

waco 7


No trip back to the hill country is complete without a stop at Bucees…aka Clare’s favorite. I joke (kind of) that I’m going to have her birthday party there next year because she loves it SO much.

waco 8



Thanks for reading!



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