Why I Said “YES” To Elf on the Shelf

Disclaimer: Daniel is still super upset that the Elf on the Shelf isn’t Legolas. He’s kind of boycotting this whole thing now because he thought Lord of the Rings was about to bring the Good News this holiday season. ONE ELF TO RULE THEM ALL! Okay. Sorry, Daniel.

I’ll be honest, y’all. I’m not exactly proud that I am now the proud owner of this creepy little jingle bell, but nevertheless, please meet Snow Cone McCringleberry. (Insert eye roll emoji here. Maybe the facepalm one, too.)


My daughter doesn’t believe in Santa. In fact, she’ll tell you, “My Mom is Santa and someday I can be a Santa, too!” While I fear she will be the kid on the playground who ruins Christmas for other girls and boys, I promise we are trying to steer here in the right direction on this. But like, four year old’s do NOT KNOW DISCRETION.

We don’t do Santa in our house because:

  1. Hey kid. Mom and Dad work super duper hard and all of that stuff is actually from us.
  2. As children, we both saw other kids not get visited by Santa. This was really confusing because they were “good” and “smart” and generally nice humans.

Nonetheless, we teach her that yes, anyone CAN be Santa. It’s about seeing a need someone has and fulfilling that need. Maybe with a new warm coat, or a kind word. Maybe even a prayer! And the best part, is that it DOESN’T have to be Christmas to be a Santa.

We DO celebrate Saint Nicholas Day. He was an actual person known for generosity and also for slapping someone at the Council of Nicaea, who was spouting heresy about the Holy Trinity. It’s quite the story and actually really cool to hear Daniel recount this tale every year.

We usually celebrate with a special meal, and with an act of service.

So here we are, Elf.

We won’t be pretending that it’s watching her, or reporting to someone about her behavior, but we will use the elf to bring her notes and trinkets as we see fit, to enhance the Season of Adventus, and move it around every night for our own merriment and revelry. It’s possible that we may have ordered a dozen Stormtroopers to be at Snow Cone’s command? But I guess you’ll have to find out.


So we don’t do Santa, but you better believe Clare is ALL ABOUT Pixie Dust and fairies and these little elf dudes. When she began to ask for one over and over, I went kicking and screaming into the decision that we would in fact, adopt one and welcome it’s terrifying little rosy round face into our home. Yay!

Clare is only little once, and while this Elf will be haunting my dreams, she is SO very excited. I want to foster the wonder and imagination in her heart for as long as I can. I just want her to be a kid!!

Snow Cone McCringleberry will make her debut in Casa Rodriguez on Friday during our St. Nicholas celebration. I’m going to try my best to post the things we come up with, so you, too, can be inspired and entertained by this sinister little elfin doll baby.

And there you have it.

WISH ME LUCK AND STUFF. Maybe check on me on a few days to make sure the Elf hasn’t taken my soul.

PS If you’re a fan of Key and Peele, yes, Snow Cone is named after a one: Hingle McCringleberry.

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