Elf Log 003

Snow Cone is living her best elf life up in here. Girlfriend has had a lot of costume changes, much to Clare’s delight of course.

But she’s been getting into actual mischief.

Exhibit A:

She drew crap all over Clare’s bathroom mirror with Clare’s new mermaid body wash. But at least she left behind some bath finger paint to make up for it!

I got really lazy the next day. I MEAN THE ELF DID. And just found some stuff and set it next to her on the dining table. Clare thought it was incredible tho. YAY ME, I mean yay Elf.

This next one took some planning on our part, but we found out the Alamo Drafthouse was having a special showing of our favorite version of The Grinch (with Benedict Cumberbatch), so this was a perfect time to do a bigger Elf gift.

Okay. I say, “took some planning”…I actually discovered this was happening two days prior and we got literally the last three seats together. So there. But I did have those Grinch bath bombs stashed away in my Elf Box. 🙌

Like where are it’s feet? Does the elf have does? Why are the legs just little stumps?

So weird.


She also drew on some bananas to make them look like minions. Which I personally think is hilarious. BA NA NA!!!!

Alright that’s all for now. Stay tuned for the final few Elf Logs coming later this week!

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