Elf Log 005

I forgot to take a picture y’all. šŸ™„ But Snow Cone dressed up in a ridiculous Gingerbread Man Costume and brought her a Gingerbread House to build…which we have yet to build. šŸ˜‡ But THE STRANGEST THING HAPPENED while we were out last night and Uncle Bill was visiting….the Elf moved AGAIN!!!

Clare’s mind is BLOWN. But we did happen to catch a picture of it aaaaaand you can kind of see aforementioned Gingerbread Costume

That night, Snow Cone set up a game for Clare to play by picking up cups to see if there was a treat underneath. Silly Elf. Three of these had a mini peanut butter cup stashed inside.

And now it’s Christmas, and it’s time to say good-bye. I’m not sure if I’ll report all the tears and sadness tomorrow when Clare wakes up to no Elf. I’ve been trying to prepare and remind her the last few days!

At least Snow Cone left a great parting gift!

Merry Christmas everyone!! And congrats to all the parents who survived the season with an Elf. šŸ˜‚

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