my name is emily and i live in austin, texas with my rad husband. we sell textbooks and like to wear matching star wars tshirts. (see proof below.) we have an awesome community of friends and family who love and support us. we love Jesus. a lot.


likes: battlestar galactica, disney world, the ocean, gummy bear lamps, essential oils, glitter, laughing, sharpies of all colors, people watching, camping, eating at mcdonalds when visiting a foreign country, vera bradley, making spreadsheets, pie charts, bar graphs and any other type of data-pooling, bourbon, sitting around the firepit, every single harry potter movie, wearing leggings with awesome patterns, a really cold mexican coke, the intense struggle of downward facing dog, listening to podcasts of, ‘this american life’

dislikes: the series finale of twin peaks, snow days, falling off my bicycle, wet shoes and socks, big crowds, burpees, freakishly tiny dogs, that time firefly got cancelled