february 5th.

daniel and i tied the knot back in february and it was amazing! we had a small wedding at the driskill hotel, and it could not have been more perfect. we had an amazing time celebrating with our community here in austin, and while we wished we could have invited the whole world, it was the right choice for us.

the day itself presented a few challenges. of the few folks we did invite from out of town, most didn’t make it due to weather…even my dad almost didn’t get here! my groom had the flu, and my jewelry didn’t arrive in time, but all of these things faded away when we focused on the purpose of our day: love.

we had a beautiful, intimate ceremony. dan asked his best man, adam, to share the story of Jesus before we got started, and then our great friends larry and jacob co-officiated our vows and challenges that ushered us into marriage.

we had some of the greatest people in the world standing with us, too. it was one of the toughest, most prayed-through decisions choosing our bridal party. i absolutley couldn’t stop at 3, so i also had 5 honorary bridesmaids, too. :) it was totally awesome and i couldn’t imagine the big day without any one of them participating. they were all a part of our story, and that was so important to us.

yeah…they were seriously great. they prayed with me and encouraged me. bryan, one of the groomsmen, got dan packed for our trip and dressed for the wedding amidst his haze of flu-y sickness. i found out later that day that bryan had just come off an overnight shift at the hospital at 7am. what a great friend! he took such good care of my man!

my sister, mary, directed the actual wedding and i was so grateful for her. we sat down only the week beforehand, so that i could drill into her every single intricate detail and plan that i had worked out with our vendors and she handled it like a pro.

our music was amazing. our friends andrea and darnell played guitar and violin and played several songs darnell had actually written for our community. incredible. everything tied together so well.

the reception was nothing short of fabulous! because it was a small scale, we decided treat our guests to high tea. the driskill is really good at this, and did not disappoint. we had tea sandwiches, lemon tarts, scones with the oh-so-fabulous cream, full tea service and champagne any way you wanted it. we had a BLAST celebrating afterwords!

it really was a great day. i got to marry my best friend. marriage has been a blessing beyond anything i can articulate. insert lots of smiling here. :)

i couldn’t finish this post without mentioning our amazing photgrapher, shari henson. she and her second, clair, were so much fun to work with! they went with the flow, and stayed cool and calm the whole time. i appreciated this so much because things can so easily get crazy on your wedding day. she was super professional and knew exactly what she wanted to shoot. she had asked me a ton of questions before and captured some really great moments. i am so thankful for her, and for her friendship, and just that she’s my sister in Christ. that bond is something else. we get each other.

here are a few pictures from the big day. :) thanks shari! you should all hire her to do your weddings, engagements, portraits, newborn pics, family photos, i mean really anything you can think of!

this picture is really special. one of the reasons we chose the driskill is because it’s a place we go on dates regularly. it’s right next door to the ritz, we can always find parking, and it’s fabulous! katie is our usual waitress, and this is our ‘spot.’ it’s where we first said our i love yous, and i want to marry yous.

i crack myself up right here, hehe! this is our friend adam, giving us a toast before eating the amazing german chocolate cake. it was hilarious and heart felt. and that’s totally an envelope of honeymoon $ falling out of dan’s vest. ha!

this pretty well sums up how i was feeling. i was SO excited to see dan! i was having fun getting ready with my best girls, and we had just had delicious cinnamon rolls. yumm. i love it!

that’s my man! we decided to do a little shoe change for the reception. i had also done a hair style change. we were having a blast with the photogs and our hair stylist. :) great times!

we’ll have more pics soon. thank you, everyone, near and far, for loving us and making our day so wonderful!

champagne brisket and the diva dash

my friend teresa, sent me a bunch of amazing recipes a week or so ago, and i tried my first one on tuesday: champagne brisket. it turned out beautifully!

the recipe was originally for roasting in the oven, but since i needed it to be ready when i got home from work, i altered it a bit, and cooked it in the crock pot, along with the veggies. here’s how it went down.

champagne brisket

1 large trimmed brisket
2 cups champagne
1 cup water
2 cloves garlic
1 pkg mushrooms, sliced
1 bunch green onions chopped
1 stick of butter
salt and pepper to taste

the night before, salt and pepper the brisket and place it in a baking bag. (since i did mine in the crock pot, i put it in the pot.) add 2 cups of champagne and 1 cup of water, along with cloves of crushed garlic. seal and refrigerate overnight. (i totally didn’t have any garlic so i used garlic salt and pepper.)

the next day heat the oven to 325 degrees .make some holes in the top of the cooking bag to allow the steam to escape. place the cooking back in a roasting pan and cook for 4 to 4 1/2 hours. let rest till cool enough to handle. drain juices from the mean and skim off the fat.

in a large skillet, melt on stick of butter. saute the copped green onion with lots of black pepper. add sliced mushroom and saute till brown. add the defatted juices from the brisket and thicken with 1 tablespoon of corn starch dissolved in a small amount of cold water. taste for seasoning, and add salt and pepper as needed. pour over sliced brisket. extra gravy can be served over mashed potatoes, too.


now, because i did mine in the slow cooker, i added the mushrooms, onions and butter to the brisket before turning the crock pot on. also, i drained most of the champagne out of there. i put it on low for about 8 hours, and for the last 45 minutes, transferred to the oven. this gave it a slightly crispy and wonderful outside. here’s a pic of the final product.

in other news, i have not yet established my work out regime, though battling the flu/cold/whatever it was this week certainly didn’t help. i have also yet to dive into ephesians purposefully. hopefully next week i will better report on these two. :)

however, i DID sign up for a 5K in april, called the diva dash! 3 miles of running and obstacle tackling. it’s for women only, and i’ve recruited several people to sign up with me. it should be a LOT of fun!

you get a lot of swag with this race, not to mention lots of luna bars (naturally), beer, diva SHAPE socks, and a sweet diva medal at upon completion of the race.

i’ll keep you posted on how the training is going. thanks for reading!


my sister, mary, threw me an amazing bridal shower this weekend at la patisserie, complete with lavender macarons and champagne, yum! here are a few pics. :)

my amazing bridesmaids!

the entire bridal party! so glad everyone could come!

i felt like i had been built into a crate and barrel fort!

serving ware! yesssss.

amy made me a picture book of the day we found my dress. :)

happy new year!

dan and i spent new years eve with our great friends and neighbors, larry and jana gross. their kiddos were tucked away in bed by this point but here are a few pics we captured of the evening. :)

i went to africa and i’m getting married!

wow it has been forever since i have posted. things have been just a little bit busy around here in the life of the plastic cupcake!

in october i made my treck to africa with help end local poverty. i’m still processing a way to eloquently describe what i experienced. i’m so excited to being our storytelling process from africa–and roll out our 2011 campaign, for the orphan. i will be posting more blogs (pinky swear!) from africa in the next few weeks about some of our kiddos. stay tuned.

ALSO, i am SO EXCITED to announce that i’m getting married!!!! dan and i are tying the knot here in austin, this coming february 5th! we are having a small morning wedding and then heading to greece for 8 days. i can not wait and i know this will be an exciting time. we created a cheesy wedding website, if you’re so inclined, to follow our story: http://www.emilyanddan.wordpress.com.

our dear friend, and my discipler, jana, took us all around town last sunday for an engagement shoot. more to come, but until then here’s one for you to enjoy!

art actualized

for the past six months, myself, along with six other artists, have been attending coaching sessions with the fabulous jen spencer. through this process we have each had time to play, listen, talk and actualize art. i HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who has even the slightest inkling to create. jen has been a great motivator and question-asker.

my project is called ‘100 portraits’. the process of putting together this piece has been pretty challenging for me. the biggest thing is actually allowing myself to THINK that i’m an artist. it’s hard!

i wanted to create something with photography, that represented community. at a service at st. david’s one night, i was struck with this idea of communing with God individually, within a room full of other individuals on the same journey. i wondered…what was their conversation like? what was God telling them? who are these people?

over the past six months, i’ve shot and collected 100 portraits from my personal collection. a lot of these people i know, some of them i have never met. i have photographed every picture, and edited using a method that mimics a style of photography called ‘ttv’ or ‘through the viewfinder.’

i hope you will come out to ruta maya, on nov 12 and see my completed work. i want to invite you to see yourself within the 100 portraits and let it move you.

here are a few favorites.

BLOG copy

b scene

the blanton museum of art throws a party every first friday called the b scene. pretty cool. last night was my first b scene to attend. here are a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of my iPhone.

sherry in front of an amazing piece made of tin and foil.
sherry bee

the crew. sherry, marshall, amanda, me, and michael.