the big 3-0, people!

i have to say i’ve been looking forward to this for awhile. i have never been one to freak about entering a new decade, in fact, i’ve long thought my thirties is where life would begin.

i had an AMAZING day! here a few pictures.

i got to work and found an awesome zombie finger puppet compliments of karen soup chan. she is the best!! here is the zombie along with a singing birthday card from my parents, ha ha.

i also got lots of treats from ruby…some delicious bubbly among other things. woot! emmadog threw me a pizza party…i forgot to take any pictures of the delicious pies we enjoyed from east side pies, but here’s a really cute pic of emma in her festive scarf. (by the way,we also had COOKIE CAKE! compliments of buttersweet bakery!)

we have our small group for church on thursdays and we had signed up to bring snacks since, you know, it was going to be cinco de mayo and all…and we ended up playing pictionary and stuffing our faces with mexican fare. YUM!

AND camila made me this beautiful, delicious cake…and it was green!!! my fav. :)

dan and i got to go out to dinner friday night to manuels (downtown) for ceviche and margaritas.. it was incredibly wonderful to just sit and talk about life, while enjoying some amazing food. we had a lot to celebrate, because my birthday is also our first date-ing anniversary. YAY!

i’m feeling pretty strong about thirty. and i’m way excited to keep knocking out that thirty in 30 list!

thanks for reading.


this past weekend we took a quick trip to orlando to watch some of our friends get married. well, i watched, dan participated (he was a groomsman). it was a little warm, but otherwise beautiful weather and we had a wonderful, fancy time.

we love watching people get married because it reminds us of our special day. we reminisced about all the events surrounding our marriage and how grateful we were for those who poured into us during the process. we had great conversations about Jesus, community and how we were doing as a couple. i loved getting away, in a different atmosphere, getting to hang out with dan for a weekend and have lots of quality time!

hp world was like a fan’s DREAM. delicious butterbeer, a perfectly replicated street of hogsmeade, with joke shops, candy stores, and an owl post. they had ollivanders too, even tho that’s really in diagon alley. hogwarts in and of itself was really unbelievable. it was one of the coolest rides ever, combining 3-D, projections, and roller coaster. on the way into the ride, you walk through the greenhouse, dumbledor’s office, and the hall of portraits. so amazing!

here’s a pic of hogsmeade…check out the butterbeer cart!

here’s one of dan and i enjoying a tasty butterbeer. yum!

and i could definitely not complete this post without showing a picture of hogwarts!

i hope someday we get to have kids and take them here. it was super fun!

thanks for reading.

pom-poms galore!

my nieces are turning two in the next two weeks, and this calls for the GREATEST of celebrations! they are actually having a petting zoo party this weekend that i am sooo bummed to miss, as dan and i are traveling to florida, for a wedding.

last saturday, amy (sister) and i had a total same brain idea on a decoration idea. tissue pom-pom balls!

here’s are a few finished ones, hanging in between paper lanterns:

and here are our lovely assistants, mary and amanda c:

i think we made about 12 puffs. totally awesome and easy. basically it takes three steps. here’s how we did ours.

1. lay the tissue flat and fold, accordion style.
2. tie the middle (not too tight) with a pipe cleaner or with floral wire.
3. spread and fluff each side to make an awesome pom pom!

it’s fun to mix different colors together, and cut the tissue paper to make smaller sizes, too. i saw a picture somewhere of someone who had made a lot of smaller ones and strung them together as a garland. totally rad!

you can also, before fluffing and after tying your pipe cleaner, take a pair of scissors and scallop or cut a point on the ends to create different looks.

enjoy! thanks for reading.

february 5th.

daniel and i tied the knot back in february and it was amazing! we had a small wedding at the driskill hotel, and it could not have been more perfect. we had an amazing time celebrating with our community here in austin, and while we wished we could have invited the whole world, it was the right choice for us.

the day itself presented a few challenges. of the few folks we did invite from out of town, most didn’t make it due to weather…even my dad almost didn’t get here! my groom had the flu, and my jewelry didn’t arrive in time, but all of these things faded away when we focused on the purpose of our day: love.

we had a beautiful, intimate ceremony. dan asked his best man, adam, to share the story of Jesus before we got started, and then our great friends larry and jacob co-officiated our vows and challenges that ushered us into marriage.

we had some of the greatest people in the world standing with us, too. it was one of the toughest, most prayed-through decisions choosing our bridal party. i absolutley couldn’t stop at 3, so i also had 5 honorary bridesmaids, too. :) it was totally awesome and i couldn’t imagine the big day without any one of them participating. they were all a part of our story, and that was so important to us.

yeah…they were seriously great. they prayed with me and encouraged me. bryan, one of the groomsmen, got dan packed for our trip and dressed for the wedding amidst his haze of flu-y sickness. i found out later that day that bryan had just come off an overnight shift at the hospital at 7am. what a great friend! he took such good care of my man!

my sister, mary, directed the actual wedding and i was so grateful for her. we sat down only the week beforehand, so that i could drill into her every single intricate detail and plan that i had worked out with our vendors and she handled it like a pro.

our music was amazing. our friends andrea and darnell played guitar and violin and played several songs darnell had actually written for our community. incredible. everything tied together so well.

the reception was nothing short of fabulous! because it was a small scale, we decided treat our guests to high tea. the driskill is really good at this, and did not disappoint. we had tea sandwiches, lemon tarts, scones with the oh-so-fabulous cream, full tea service and champagne any way you wanted it. we had a BLAST celebrating afterwords!

it really was a great day. i got to marry my best friend. marriage has been a blessing beyond anything i can articulate. insert lots of smiling here. :)

i couldn’t finish this post without mentioning our amazing photgrapher, shari henson. she and her second, clair, were so much fun to work with! they went with the flow, and stayed cool and calm the whole time. i appreciated this so much because things can so easily get crazy on your wedding day. she was super professional and knew exactly what she wanted to shoot. she had asked me a ton of questions before and captured some really great moments. i am so thankful for her, and for her friendship, and just that she’s my sister in Christ. that bond is something else. we get each other.

here are a few pictures from the big day. :) thanks shari! you should all hire her to do your weddings, engagements, portraits, newborn pics, family photos, i mean really anything you can think of!

this picture is really special. one of the reasons we chose the driskill is because it’s a place we go on dates regularly. it’s right next door to the ritz, we can always find parking, and it’s fabulous! katie is our usual waitress, and this is our ‘spot.’ it’s where we first said our i love yous, and i want to marry yous.

i crack myself up right here, hehe! this is our friend adam, giving us a toast before eating the amazing german chocolate cake. it was hilarious and heart felt. and that’s totally an envelope of honeymoon $ falling out of dan’s vest. ha!

this pretty well sums up how i was feeling. i was SO excited to see dan! i was having fun getting ready with my best girls, and we had just had delicious cinnamon rolls. yumm. i love it!

that’s my man! we decided to do a little shoe change for the reception. i had also done a hair style change. we were having a blast with the photogs and our hair stylist. :) great times!

we’ll have more pics soon. thank you, everyone, near and far, for loving us and making our day so wonderful!


my sister, mary, threw me an amazing bridal shower this weekend at la patisserie, complete with lavender macarons and champagne, yum! here are a few pics. :)

my amazing bridesmaids!

the entire bridal party! so glad everyone could come!

i felt like i had been built into a crate and barrel fort!

serving ware! yesssss.

amy made me a picture book of the day we found my dress. :)

happy new year!

dan and i spent new years eve with our great friends and neighbors, larry and jana gross. their kiddos were tucked away in bed by this point but here are a few pics we captured of the evening. :)

i went to africa and i’m getting married!

wow it has been forever since i have posted. things have been just a little bit busy around here in the life of the plastic cupcake!

in october i made my treck to africa with help end local poverty. i’m still processing a way to eloquently describe what i experienced. i’m so excited to being our storytelling process from africa–and roll out our 2011 campaign, for the orphan. i will be posting more blogs (pinky swear!) from africa in the next few weeks about some of our kiddos. stay tuned.

ALSO, i am SO EXCITED to announce that i’m getting married!!!! dan and i are tying the knot here in austin, this coming february 5th! we are having a small morning wedding and then heading to greece for 8 days. i can not wait and i know this will be an exciting time. we created a cheesy wedding website, if you’re so inclined, to follow our story:

our dear friend, and my discipler, jana, took us all around town last sunday for an engagement shoot. more to come, but until then here’s one for you to enjoy!