i gnome you will love these.

here are a few pictures from a discoverhope event we had a couple of weeks ago.

the awesome gnome.

a bag made by one of the women, we’ve given a microloan to, in peru.

natalie. chowing our delicious food donated by catina laredo.

wine table.


jen and jeff, our gracious hosts, maggie our fearless leader, and magg’s husband, will.

don’t the look great in black and white?

more soon. thanks for cupcaking.

this goes out to my london friend, tricia.

so i got an email this morning from a many named jay, who is british. woo! i know, i bet he has one of those amazing accents and wears a suit and sweater vest every day. he probably smells really nice, too. haha.

anyway, i applied for a job with his company, in london, awhile ago, when i wasn’t sure if i would be working at thinkwell after our production began to wrap up. i kind of go crazy when i apply for jobs. i apply for a lot, and really anywhere and everywhere. i’ve filled out SO many forms and have had lengthy conversations with people in alaska. i just like to know what ALL my options are.

so he would like to pursue my application further, and while this is exciting (and getting paid in british pounds…well it’s twice as good as the US dollar right now, eh?) i’m not feeling so hopeful as i’ve downloaded the documents. for one thing, i have no ability to work and earn wages in the UK. haha. secondly, i don’t already live there and that’s a beast i’m not ready to tackle for at least another year.

another year? well, yes. didn’t i tell you i’d keep you posted about that? or what that on my other blog? you know, the one that died. ugh. gmail.

in other news, i am greatly looking forward to a project runway party this week where those attending are allowed to participate in a fashion challenge. how exciting! things are really picking up around these parts.

i recently began to put together a sort-of personal ministry called wine for Jesus, inspired by a conversation with my friend amanda, but it’s been a long time coming. it’s basically an ongoing dialogue about God. you can read more at the website.

i also began volunteering with the discoverhope fund. i currently reside on their event planning/PR committee…more event planning. i’m no PR’r. he he. anyway, this organization is run by the most fabulous lady and the purpose is to provide microloans to women in peru. it’s pretty cool. we have some fantastic events coming up to help raise awareness and money.

and as if i didn’t have enough going on, sharinson and i are attempting a photography challenge. kind of like project runway, but with photos. hmm. i don’t know how this will play out yet, but i do know that it will be a lot of fun.

happy day of labor, friends.

my new friend, maggs.

i just have to say this and get it out there, because it’s been bugging me. i totally and completely just witnessed dog discrimination. is this possible?

anyway, rockin and rollin’ from the atx, yo. ha ha. i had lunch yesterday with a new friend, maggie, who has a very cool non-profit called discover hope, which gives micro loans to women in peru. i’m going to start volunteering with them, offering my experience in event planning and my non-experience in photography. ha!

maggie is one of the most interesting and unique people i’ve had the privilege of knowing and i admire her heart and generosity in her personal battle to end poverty and to inspire others to join her in this journey.

i knew going into our lunch that she was a very spiritual person, but i was so richly encouraged by her deep devotion to God. it’s always such a blessing when you can openly and freely talk about what God is doing in your life and the path He is leading you down. there’s just something awesome about two people, who don’t really know each other, connecting on a spiritual level, through God’s love and understanding that…from the outside you can’t understand and from the inside you can’t explain.

maggie said so many things to me that i needed to hear, that i’m sure she thought was only relating to what’s happening in her life. i think the word she used was ‘quiet-tude’, but i could have misheard. she was referring to her quiet time with God that she has every day. she told me this is where God gives her guidance and understanding and the excitement and necessity she has for this time spoke volumes to me. i have so much to still learn about my walk with God, and He used this conversation to lay some things on my heart.

she even invited me to church! how great. i don’t know if i’m going yet…there’s another place that has recently caught my eye and i am sensing long-term devotion, here, but more to come on this later.

i look forward to posting many more stories about maggie and her fervor for life, AND probably some pictures from our upcoming fundraisers.

i give you, maggs.