who’s in?

i am tentatively planning my christmas/new years vacation for 2008-2009. i think it will be my goal to spend new years in a different country every year from now on. last year, kosovo. this year, denmark?

cupcake goes to fort worth.

it’s true, cupcake, sister and i piled into the audi yesterday to make an apperance in fort worth to celebrate the day of our favourite dad.

are you still there?

ok good. i was afraid you got lost in the ridiculous beauty of my plastic cupcake, mmkay. pressing on.

so, we of course showered of father with gifts of frankincense and gold, and then dined for lunch at pf changs with our familia. then, my sisters, plastic cupcake and i, decided to take dad out and about. where do we go? the ft. worth moma? we hear kara walkers is opening an exhibit there soon. no? the japanese gardens?

oh, i know! how about a CAT SHOW.

that’s right. we went to a cat show at will rogers. sigh. they were also having an arabian horse show, just in case you are interested. now…the only one of us that actually likes cats, really, is my sister mary, but this was something so unique we just HAD to sneak in the back door and watch a round of judging in the long-haired division.

yikes? yikes.

we balanced out our day with, then, a trip to the vespa store. um, i want one of these. they even had a special edition louis viton one. so fierce.

yes, yes. just another day in the life of my family.

best to all. i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

oh, father.

dad’s day is this weekend and consequently my sister and i are headed to dallas to lunch with the family. i have henceforth scripted an actual conversation between my father and me circa 1984, both in honor of this day and for your entertainment (or mine).

me: dad, mary has more baby pictures than me.
dad: oh well i think around the time you were born, our camera had broken.
me: oh. well am i adopted?
dad: where would you get an idea like that?
me: mary told me that i am adopted.
dad: oh she did, did she?
me: yes. she said a policeman left me on the doorstep and that you and mom don’t really love me.
dad: oh no, a policeman didn’t leave you on the doorstep.
me: really?
dad: yeah, it was a fireman.

my place.

so this video was made by a handful of albaian rockstars in kosovo, in honor of their independence. it’s called ‘vendi im’ which means ‘my place’.

check it out and all of it’s awesome english subtitles (thanks lynn!).

the day of mothras.

in honor of mothers day, i thought i’d post this little blurb, written by ana marie cox (she’s a writer for time magazine).

i think numbers 2 and 7 are pretty good. oh, and you bet i’ll be trying out number 14.

my mother’s 15 simple rules
(by ana marie cox)

1. the legs are the last thing to go.
2. when you’re sad, don’t fight it–accessorize it.
3. knowing hot to roast red peppers will impress more people than you think.
4. it’s OK to read at the table.
5. it’s never OK to watch television at the table.
6. you can always substitute white wine for vermouth in a martini.
7. everything tastes better if it’s served by candlelight.
8. if nothing matches, no matter. that’s just another reason for candlelight.
9. do not try to order in french at a french restaurant unless you are french.
10. unexpected gifts are most appreciated.
11. at work, find the people who can fix things and be very nice to them.
12. the cheap caviar is still quite good.
13. there are five things that will always make you happy if you have them in your home: flowers, a lovely place to eat a meal, a chilled bottle of white wine, goldfish crackers and a cat.
14. if you must leave a party and you don’t have a good excuse, spill something on yourself.
15. the proper way to end a conversation is ‘i’m sorry to let you go.’

cinco de emily.

i’m pretty convinced that the greatest thing on this earth friendship. i have been so incredibly and richly blessed with community here in austin, and some fabulous friends treated me like a birthday queen yesterday, for my 27th.

amazing. a unicorn pinata. in my cube.

after work, sam, karen, brock and i headed to manuels for some delicious appetizers and beverages, and i got some awesome birthday suprieses. here’s a picture of me eating my panda present from sam.

after maneuls, we headed to starlight for dinner. i had never been there before and we were all in for a great treat. they started us out with proscuitto wrapped cantelope with balsamic…yum! then we had some kind of tar-tar, black truffle risotto and an onion tart. our meals followed with white wine and red wine, and then a dark chocolate butterscotch pot de creme for dessert. wow.

shout out to sam for the awesome pictures! and thank you to EVERYONE who made my day so incredibly special. until next year…i shall remain 27.