a tour of sorts.

wow i really need to update. i could not let another day pass without saying hello. i think of you often, but have been far too busy to write.

today, however, with a few moments to spare, i would like to give you a tour of sorts of some of my favorite things in my work cubicle.

item number one. cupcakes! really, what else did you expect?

the cupcake on the right is, of course, courtesy of sam webber, and also the inspiration for this site. the left cupcake is a a knitted cupcake, made for me by the fabulous dawn carey!

item numero two. a really cool posted. what else is there to say?

item three. the woot lights. brought to you by a one: carl tyson.

last but not least, our lady of the cloth: the squeaky nun.

she was a gift to me, by our ceo, upon transferring to the admin department. she is very sassy.

this concludes our tour. i hope you had a good time.

this goes out to my london friend, tricia.

so i got an email this morning from a many named jay, who is british. woo! i know, i bet he has one of those amazing accents and wears a suit and sweater vest every day. he probably smells really nice, too. haha.

anyway, i applied for a job with his company, in london, awhile ago, when i wasn’t sure if i would be working at thinkwell after our production began to wrap up. i kind of go crazy when i apply for jobs. i apply for a lot, and really anywhere and everywhere. i’ve filled out SO many forms and have had lengthy conversations with people in alaska. i just like to know what ALL my options are.

so he would like to pursue my application further, and while this is exciting (and getting paid in british pounds…well it’s twice as good as the US dollar right now, eh?) i’m not feeling so hopeful as i’ve downloaded the documents. for one thing, i have no ability to work and earn wages in the UK. haha. secondly, i don’t already live there and that’s a beast i’m not ready to tackle for at least another year.

another year? well, yes. didn’t i tell you i’d keep you posted about that? or what that on my other blog? you know, the one that died. ugh. gmail.

in other news, i am greatly looking forward to a project runway party this week where those attending are allowed to participate in a fashion challenge. how exciting! things are really picking up around these parts.

i recently began to put together a sort-of personal ministry called wine for Jesus, inspired by a conversation with my friend amanda, but it’s been a long time coming. it’s basically an ongoing dialogue about God. you can read more at the website.

i also began volunteering with the discoverhope fund. i currently reside on their event planning/PR committee…more event planning. i’m no PR’r. he he. anyway, this organization is run by the most fabulous lady and the purpose is to provide microloans to women in peru. it’s pretty cool. we have some fantastic events coming up to help raise awareness and money.

and as if i didn’t have enough going on, sharinson and i are attempting a photography challenge. kind of like project runway, but with photos. hmm. i don’t know how this will play out yet, but i do know that it will be a lot of fun.

happy day of labor, friends.

the crazy man is in the house. um, i mean cubical.

“black bird singing in the dead of niiiii-hheeeeet’.

that’s what i hear coming from the cube next door.

i will also tell you that this same singer once asked me to make up my own personal theme song and be prepared to sing at the end of the day.

the funny thing is i don’t think he has realized i’m working over in this part of the building. i don’t think he realizes someone is occupying the cube next door, which is kind of hilarious in my mind. i’m trying really really hard not to laugh out loud. (i’ll be found out!)

on one hand, it’s ridiculous. on the other hand, it’s kind of great to be THAT sold out to your awkwardness. he doesn’t even care how weird it is to say ‘i’m in da house!’ at the top of your lungs and high five everyone every few minutes or so. i kind of admire this carefree outlandish behaviour.

will i join in? no. come on, i’ve never been a fan of group activities. but cheers to you, the guy in the cube next door. keep on keepin’ on.