Clare Turns 2!

Oh my word how time has just FLOW BY!! What they say is so true: the days are long but the years are short.

We are less into huge parties and more into fun events around here, when it comes to celebrating birthdays. With that in mind, we had a small get together the weekend before Clare’s birthday, with family! We picked up Troll themed cupcakes and her fav veggie snacks and had fun partying and dancing!

clare 1clare 10clare 2clare 3


For her actual birthday, several moms from my Mom Mob and I bravely took our children to the ever popular Great Wolf Lodge!! I confess. We suited up to go to the water park ONCE the entire weekend. HA!! It was really fun, and I know she would have loved to go more than once, but we really ended up spending a TON of time in the arcade and also just playing in the room with stickers and legos. The kids had a blast and so did the moms. It was a huge success!

clare 5clare 6clare 7clare 8clare 9clare 4


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St. Nicholas Day

We celebrate St. Nicholas Day in our house, and this is when we do Christmas Stockings, to more-so keep with the tradition. I love this tradition. Every year, Daniel tells the story of St. Nicholas and we talk about his generosity. In the past, we’ve done projects with Angel Tree and Any Baby Can, but this year, while Clare is little, it looks more like baking cookies for friends and workers in our area, like our local garbage guys and our postlady. She can understand that and I love teaching her giving.

Daniel’s mother usually joins us for this holiday, and we celebrate with stockings and a yummy meal!

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just found this in my drafts so i’m totally posting it now. and…re-answering!


ok you have to think of one word for each answer!

1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Your significant other? office
3. Your hair? greyish
4. Your mother? meow
5. Your father? hilarious
6. Your sibling? entertaining
7. Your dream last night? forgotten
8. Your favorite drink? refreshing
9. Your dream/goal? kindness
10. The room you’re in? open
11. Your fear? irrational
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? loved
13. Where were you last night? movie
14. What you’re not? allergy-less (hahaha)
15. Muffins? daybreak
16. One of your wish list items? boots
17. Where you grew up? cray
18. The last thing you did? drank (HAHAHAHA that sounds so bad…)
19. What are you wearing? comfy
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pet? non-existent
22. Your computer? adequate
23 Your life? full
24. Your mood? sleepy (is that a mood?)
25. Missing someone? content
26. Your car? red
27. Something you’re not wearing? scarf
28. Favorite Store? sur la table
29. Next summer? happy
30. Favorite color? purple
31. When is the last time you laughed? now
32. Last time you cried? singing
33. Four places I go over and over? target, rosas, sister’s, whole foods
34. Four favorite foods: almond butter, sandwiches, fried eggs, ice cream
35. Four places I would rather be right now: asleep, movie, disney, hotel

it’s been awhile!


It’s been forever since I posted and life has just been crazy! I quit my job (kind of kicking and screaming) to support my family and bonus…get to stay home with Clare, Daniel started working for a new company, and I became a travel planner specializing specifically in all Disney Destinations! IT”S SO AMAZING!!

We’ve been Disney-ing it up a lot this year–and I wanted to share a few pictures from my most recent trip. I did a Mom Trip, and two of us ended up bringing our kiddos with us…it was a blast! Daniel ended up joining us for a few days post-Mom trip, and we had such a great little mini-family vacay.


This one is just flipping hilarious. This was the day we arrived. We had super early flights and our babes did NOT nap, haha. They were so tired, the passed out on the way to Animal Kingdom! No matter. We had fun!!



The did wake up before the end of the shoot. Look at those sleepy baby faces!!



My eyes are totally closed but that happens in 75% of pictures I take…sigh.



Another Epcot pic! By the way. Clare is wearing a nightgown and a diaper. Not even shoes. I’m so serious. She did not want to put clothes back on because Anna and Elsa are on that nightgown and she wanted to wear it ALL THE TIME. What a cheeseburger!!



This girl was SO excited to meet Anna and Elsa! She is obsessed. This is the most she’s ever smiled for pics at WDW –not much I know. I mean, she’s 1 1/2, so unless Mom or Dad is taking the pic she’s like uhhhh no. HA!! This was my favorite meet and greet…and we did a LOT! We also met, Buzz, Tink, Daisy, and did some character dining!



Elsa talked to us forever, and it was AMAZING! Clare was so starstruck!! Elsa told Clare that her polka-dots on her shirt reminded her of snowballs, and then gave us a bunch of reasons why you want Olaf on your team when you have a snowball fight. HA!



My FAVORITE event, hands down, at Walt Disney World, is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! I couldn’t believe we made it for one of the first ones this year. I love it so much. And I’m not even a big Halloween person!! Everyone dresses up and it’s amazing. You can walk on to just about any ride you want to do, and there’s trick or treating, special fireworks…it’s a BLAST!!



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